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Adam Schneider & G. William Domhoff
Psychology Dept., UC Santa Cruz

A few dream series that include commentaries by their authors

Ed was 57 when his wife Mary died of cancer after 32 years of marriage. Over the following 22 years, he wrote down 143 dreams about her. We've made available Ed's reflections on his feelings toward Mary and their marriage, and a paper Bill Domhoff wrote about the dream series.

Dorothea kept her dreams on and off from 1912 until four days before she died in 1962. She wrote an introduction to her series.

The Physiologist is a series from the 1890s; it's the earliest dream journal we have. You can read what he had to say about the dreams he wrote down at that time.

Pegasus is an interesting series because the dreams were written down by a factory worker who used the dreams to bet on the horses, and claims he won more than he lost. You can read Calvin S. Hall's analysis of the dreams.

Robert Bosnak is a well-known dreamworker who included 51 of his dreams in one of his books, along with an interpretation of them; several UCSC students who did blind analyses of his dreams, however, disagreed with his analysis. Their views are brought together in an essay we prepared for the DreamBank that shows the vanities and blind spots of dream interpretation.


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