DreamBank: www.dreambank.net
Adam Schneider & G. William Domhoff
Psychology Dept., UC Santa Cruz

Welcome to The DreamBank, a collection of over 20,000 dream reports. The reports come from a variety of different sources and research studies — but NOT from dream-collecting Web sites — from people ages 7 to 74, and they can be analyzed using the search engine and statistical programs built into this site.

What's new

We now have 463 more recent dreams from the Vietnam Veteran who previously contributed 98 of his post-Vietnam nightmares and 32 additional dreams from 2015. Taken together, these series could be a valuable resource for studying PTSD and its lingering effects on dreams.

Several of the people who have contributed dreams to the DreamBank wrote prefaces to their journals which may be of interest. We've also done quantitative analyses of some series, which you can learn about when you click the "More Info" button in the search engine, and we've collected some highlights of the prefaces and analyses. For a broader overview, look at the grid that summarizes all the series we have available for searching.

If you're looking for ideas on the kinds of research you could do using the DreamBank, see the article we published in Consciousness and Cognition in 2008, Studying Dream Content Using the Archive and Search Engine on DreamBank.net. For an in-depth study of one dream journal that deploys many new word strings that could be used in your own studies, see this 2010 article on extracting meaning from dreams using word string searches on DreamBank.

To make serious use of the DreamBank, you have to take the time to learn how to construct sensible search queries; click here or on the help link in the search form for more information.

Click on the links below to start using the DreamBank.

Dream Search: frames version — This is the "normal" interface to the search engine; the search results are presented as "panes" in a larger window.
Dream Search: no frames — The dream reports appear in a new window; this is best for those with very small screens.
Random sample — Draw a random sample of dream reports (which match a specified length) from one or more series.
Coding Search -- Some of the dreams in the DreamBank have been coded with the Hall/Van de Castle coding system, and a utility for searching those codings is available to scientists or students doing serious research. Please contact us for information.

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